About Cyber Green

Cyber Green Online Solutions Ltd. is part of Teco Group, Israel's leading waste management organization.

Cyber Green Established in 2017, we specialize in cutting-edge environmental management information systems, catering to recycling plants, municipalities, smart cities, and landfills.

Introducing our premier offering, Ecowaste: a cutting-edge SaaS solution designed to revolutionize waste container management. Ecowaste is equipped to efficiently manage both waste containers and your entire fleet, boasting advanced features such as precise location tracking, real-time container monitoring, and streamlined disposal point identification. With a firm commitment to promoting comprehensive waste management and fostering environmental sustainability, Ecowaste plays a pivotal role in preventing illegal waste dumping.

Our dynamic team excels in creative problem-solving and forward-thinking approaches, making us leaders in the environmental sector. Our solutions span sensor deployment and customized management tools, serving a wide range of users, from individuals to contractors and municipal authorities.

Choose Cyber Green Online Solutions for a future-ready approach to environmental sustainability, blending innovation and efficiency in high-tech solutions.

How Ecowaste works

CyberGreen tag - Fleet/Truck

Software - Mobile/Desktop

CyberGreen tag - Container

Preparations required for using Ecowaste

Identification of each container/skip

CyberGreen Tag  installation on containers / fleet

Software Installation (Desk tops and cell phones)

Valid credit card

Who we serve

Municipal Authorities & Smart Cities


Waste Contractors 

Recycling Plants 


Ecowaste Performance

What makes Ecowaste different

As a proud member of the Teco Group, we offer unparalleled expertise in fleet monitoring and waste management control, providing comprehensive oversight of both your fleet and waste containers:
  • Preventing Illegal Dumping

  • Cost-Efficiency Tracking

  • Automated Payments

  • Contractor and Project Management

  • Task Assignment and Scheduling

  • 24/7 GPS Container Monitoring

  • Unauthorized Movement Alerts

  • Efficient Traffic Data

  • Online Customer Orders

  • Waste Disposal Documentation

  • Customizable Alerts

  • Customizable Dashboards

  • Automated Reporting

  • Powerful Analytics

  • Scalable ready to grow

  • Seamless Integration

  • Easy Installation - Plug & Play

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    Our customers


    1How often should the batteries be replaced?
    Every 6 month in average
    2Who is replacing the batteries?
    We take care of replacing the batteries as part of our service & support policy
    3Do I need to ask for battery replacement when required?
    No. This is our responsibility as part of our service and support policy to automatically replace the batteries when required
    4Do I buy and own the Cybergreen Tags?
    No. We own the Tags. You will be paying a monthly subscription for each Tag in use (SaaS)
    5Do you provide customer support for the software?
    Sure. Our expert customer support team is ready and happy to support all of our customers.

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    Mail: info@cybgreen.com

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